Evi Tsiligaridou

Hello, my name is Evi and I am an Edinburgh based Greek, with interest in practicing photography, design, and mainly filmmaking.


I moved from Thessaloniki to Edinburgh in 2002, to study photography and film. In 2006 I started working at Filmhouse and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. This has been a point of meeting wonderful people, consuming life changing cinema and art and beginning to feel that there is space for self expression and expansion in a way that I hadn't perceived before (call it growing up).

In between those years I took part in a few different projects, art collectives, journeys. Worked as camera person, designed posters and websites, took pictures, organised events, have been sometimes enlightened, sometimes broken.


And now, I'm kind of back where I started. Having developed a personal depth and a bit more human understanding, I wish to take up more journeys like that again. With an eye and soul in motion, yet consciously working towards that what matters; which for me is furthering understanding, acceptance and equality while abandoning destructive patterns both personally and socially.


If you wish to contact, please email evitsili@hotmail.com